Andre Schurrle’s effect on the Wolfsburg side

Andre Schurrle has switched back to German football and is ready to embrace the Bundesliga again but this time, with Wolfsburg, departing Chelsea. However, when a player joins a club, the fans want to know what they are actually getting for the money they are spending. Will he prove his worth? Will the transfer be a flop? Well, let me tell you Wolfsburg fans, you’re in for a treat, if Schurrle puts the effort in.

If Wolfsburg can get Schurrle back into his firing form, like they have De Bruyne, their team will be electric. Schurrle loves taking it wide, bringing players out of the game and delivering the crosses. Although statistically Schurrle isn’t the greatest, he will give you width and technique effective enough to skip past players. At Chelsea, he was used out on the left and was switched to the right during games as the wingers (himself & Hazard) would constantly switch. When it’s his day, he can be the most effective player on the pitch. His quick feet alongside his pace to draw defenders in before going round them, is one of the best I’ve seen.

Andre Schurrle’s highlight of 2014 will have to be his assist for the goal that gave Germany the World Cup victory in Brazil. Running down the wing with some pace to get past several defenders and find a cross into Gotze, it was magic. 

Right, let’s get onto what he’ll bring into the ever-growing Wolfsburg side. Last season for Chelsea, Schurrle scored nine goals and grabbed two assists in 1,329 minutes of action. Some of these goals were very important ones too. PSG at home and Manchester City away to name a couple. Schurrle’s energy and stamina he can show throughout a game of football are complimented by his techniques and goals he can score. If you give him the ball, he is the type of winger who will want to go on and beat his defender. His preference would be to run the full-back outwide instead of cutting inside and slicing his options. 

Something that all fans want from a footballer, is silence off the football field. You haven’t seen any negativity shown towards Schurrle in any media outlet. He keeps himself to himself and lets his feet do the talking, like all footballers should. 

The German is the type of player to unlock defences with skills and tricks, instead of fancy passes and long-range shooting. His pace on and off the ball are instrumental to getting through defensive lines of all sorts and creating chances, something he is very good at. 

The sort of versatility that Schurrle possesses is a rarity in the modern game. The player can play as a traditional striker, a secondary forward, or a winger on either side. The attitude and German efficiency he brings to Chelsea is virtually irreplaceable and it is no wonder he has garnered suitors from PSG and Atletico Madrid, among other clubs.

Vieirinha, Wolfsburg’s starting right attacking midfielder, is 29 years old and his contract is set to expire. This in itself may be another reason as to why Wolfsburg are showing high interest in the Chelsea winger. Even with Schurrle not in form, he has scored more goals and is a more accurate passer than Vieirinha. 

In addition, he is five years younger than Vieirinha and I’m sure Wolfsburg will see that as a massive bonus.

With Wolfsburg looking to consolidate second place, it makes sense why they be entering the marked to find a younger, fresh right midfielder, presumably hoping Schurrle will be able to transform his career and find himself playing more minutes like De Bruyne has.

Finally, let’s talk about Schurrle’s debut he had this weekend vs. Hoffenheim. As many expected, the German international was told to get straight in the mix as he was put straight into the starting XI alongisde fellow ex-Chelsea man, Kevin De Bruyne. He probably couldn’t have asked for a better debut as he saw himself setting up two goals in a three goal win.

Things look up for Schurrle as he wants to get his career back underway and Wolfsburg will allow him to do so. 


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