Atletico keen on extending Simeone’s contract

Atletico Madrid’s hierarchy will always spot a bargain when they see one. After struggling to get their manager Diego Simeone to sign his last contract, they are looking to swiftly shove off any other potential interested clubs and give the man that gave Atletico the La Liga title and Champions League final place last year, a new deal. They want their charismatic and dynamic coach to stay at the Vicente Calderon until 2020.

Simeone is currently on a deal that expires with the club in June 2017. However, according to Voz Populi, Atletico Madrid are very keen on extending this by another three years so it goes into play with their five-year-plan. 

Once the official talks happen, there shouldn’t be many problems. Since Atletico partially sold to Chinese company Wanda Group, they have had a lot of money to play with. Atletico’s majority owner and CEO sees Simeone as the face of his new project. 

All parties seem keen to stay together, hence why signing a new contract shouldn’t be that much of a problem. They both have long-term plans for the club and with such an incredile investment since Wanda Group have come around, they have more money to go and grab some top players in the summer window. 



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