Jose Mourinho: Hazard needs protection

Jose Mourinho has spoken out in the press and asked the officials to give Eden Hazard more protection during games. It has also been reported that the Belgian winger has asked his manager to find him shin pads that also cover the back of his legs. as he is constantly tripped and fouled. 

“He told me to speak with my friends that make carbon shin pads to try to make some for the back like a horse that does jumping because he also gets fouled from behind,” the Portuguese told reporters ahead of Saturday’s home game against Burnley.

“He should be the player that creates more yellow cards from opponents but he doesn’t,” Mourinho said.

“Eden wants to play. Eden doesn’t want people to get a red card … did you see a referee give a penalty for a player that didn’t go (down)?.”

“Referees have to understand exactly that. Sometimes little fouls are big fouls in the context of the game … it can be a small foul but it stops the counter-attack,” he added.

“I think Eden is punished in both ways. He’s punished by aggression. In Paris he had nine fouls but three of them are very bad fouls, very dangerous fouls and he can do nothing.”

“But after that there are fouls and the fouls need to be punished,” he explained, adding that dangerman Hazard was clearly a lucky player because he hadn’t been seriously injured.

“He deserves to be lucky.”

Following the game in Paris, Eden Hazard has now become the most fouled player in both the Champions League and Premier League this season. 


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