FC Twente to sack Schreuder

FC Twente are all set to sack their coach Alfred Schreuder next week with Fred Rutten one of the candidates to take over, according to AD.

The newspaper is reporting that Schreuder is going to be asked to attend a meeting with the FC Twente board, who will tell him the bad news. The directors believe there is no support for the boss, and so the 42-year-old will get the boot.

Schreuder has officially been in charge of the club since 2014 but fans, owners and sponsors have lost faith in him because of their awful performances on the pitch witch led to them not qualifying for Europe.

The bottom line is that Twente are low on money. Schreuder’s contract is active until 2019 and at this time, the club simply cannot afford to pay him compensation if they decide it’s time to call it dead on his career at the Dutch side. The Club’s president, Aldo van der Laan is hoping the boss will do the club a favour and walk instead of being sacked, which means the club don’t lose money. If he doesn’t decide to walk, issues will occur.

However, the question has to be asked. If you was Schreuder, would you walk? Or would you want the money you’re rightfully entitled too? Let us know in the comments section below. 



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