Santos to sue Neymar and Barcelona

Brazilian club Santos have announced their plans to take legal action against Barcelona and Neymar, because of how conversational the forward’s transfer was. 

Modesto Roma Jr (The president of Santos) believes that his club are owed a significant amount of money from the Catalans because of the transfer, which has rose to €86.2m, and the case has now been passed on to FIFA.

 “This is not a lawsuit against a club idol [in Neymar], but rather in favour of Santos,” he said at a Press conference on Friday.

“We could not remain silent in this matter. We respect all the parties, but we need to recover the damage caused to the club.

“On Sunday May 31, it will be two years since the transfer of Neymar’s registration rights, whereby Santos received €17.1m, plus a conditional €2m, from Barcelona.

“Santos aim to receive compensation and will use all legal means to protect their rights.”

Club president Roma Jr has also confirmed that the club will be seeking action against the player’s father, and the company ‘Neymar sports’

Barca’s President Josep Maria Bartomeu, and his predecessor Sandro Rosell, have already been charged with tax fraud to the price of €13.02m in this deal


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