Khedira didn’t leave Madrid for the money

Sami Khedira has denied that he left Real Madrid for more money, and is disappointed at the people who thinks that is the case.

“It hurts me that they say that,” Khedira said in an interview published on Sunday in German newspaperWelt am Sonntag. “You cannot blame me of acting in an unfair or wrong way.”

“Real Madrid offered me a huge contract and one in which I could have eventually won more. My decision to leave Real Madrid was not about money,” he said.

“At one point I told my advisor, Jörg Neubauer, who incidentally is the biggest fan of Real Madrid, that I wanted a change. I was tired, because in the end it was all extremely stressful. However, I have to say they were five fantastic years,” said the 28-year-old German.

Khedira only recently made the switch to Turin from Madrid on a four-year-deal, after falling down the pecking order under Ancelotti and not receiving enough minutes on the pitch for his liking. His final season at the Bernabeu didn’t go as well as he probably would have liked.

Khedira said Madrid is a club “even greater than it seems”.

“The club has an image abroad that words cannot describe. Real Madrid is a magnet. No matter where you are with this club, there will be thousands of people.”

“I have experienced it myself. When I look for a holiday destination I always look for a place far away. But no matter how remote the place is, in any corner of the world, people always recognise me,” he said.

The German international says Madrid is a “unique” club. “This obligation of having to win everything at all costs is something I have never experienced,” he said.


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