Interview: Thomas Hitzlsperger – Part Two

Hello and welcome back for part two of The Continental Zone’s interview with Thomas Hitzlsperger. If you missed the first part, I’d recommend you read it by clicking HERE.

West Ham United v Liverpool - Premier League

Anyway, let’s crack on with what the former footballer had to say. I asked Thomas what makes the Bundesliga such an attraction around the world, following its rise in support. In response, Thomas said:

“The battle between Bayern and Dortmund in the Klopp era certainly helped to attract more fans. Dortmund’s style and Jurgen Klopp’s personality caught the attention. The Bundesliga teams have created so many young great talents. The fight for Champions League places and the relegation battles added extra attention.”

As an ex-German international, watching his nation lift the World Cup would have been one of Hitzlsperger’s favourite events that he has witnessed. So, I asked for his opinion on the tournament and that year, and whether the Germans were worthy winners. Here’s what he had to say:

“The German team has been playing great football for many years but didn’t quite have the edge when it mattered. However, in Spain, there was a team that was simply better than anyone else. Joachim Löw did a great job and learned from the defeats in the past to finally win a major trophy. To me, the World Cup win was well deserved.”

As a footballer, you’ll always have a moment in your career that makes you the proudest. For Thomas, this game at the start of his football life, rather than in the latter stages. When asked what his proudest moment was, he replied:

“Having managed to establish myself in the Premier League. I arrived in Birmingham at the age of 18 and it wasn’t easy. But, Aston Villa gave me a chance and I took it.”

When footballers retire from the game, supporters like to wonder what they are doing with themselves now. There’s always a mixed response because everyone has their preferences when it comes to spending their free time. For Thomas, this is what he enjoys doing since he hung up his boots:

“I’ve done charity work and also travelled a bit and the decided on my next career step. Since last summer, I’ve done some media work which I really enjoy. It took me back to England and also the United States.”

Last question, and I asked this just to be funny. I asked Thomas who the funniest teammate he had was. His answer? Well, read!

“Ludovic Magnin, who I played at Stuttgart with. He mocked us Germans because we’re often so serious. He’s like a kid that can never sit still. Even his bad jokes were funny because he has such a strong French accent that one has to laugh at as soon as he opens his mouth.”

Well, that wraps up our exclusive interview with Thomas Hitzlsperger, who I am very grateful towards. I’d like to express my thanks to Thomas for taking part and answering my question. If you want to follow him on Twitter, do so @ThomasHitz.


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